About My Journey into Straight and Safety Razor Restoration

I’ve been collecting, using and restoring Safety Razors and Straight Razors since 2005.

A few years later, after sending away some of my vintage safety razors for replating and being disappointed with the results, I decided to buy my own replating equipment and replate my own razors.

After much trial and error, I managed to consistently achieve a nickel plate finish that was identical to the original Gillette specification.

Soon, guys on forums such as Badger And Blade were sending me razors to replate and testimonials came in from all over the world.

RestoredRazors.com was born.

Safety Razor Replating and Restoration

I now offer restoration and replating of all types of Safety Razors and finishes such as:

Bright Nickel

Please note that replating costs include any ajustments or soldering of loose handles etc, after all, it's no use respraying a car with a shot engine :-)

Straight (cut throat) Razor Restoration and Honing

After a while, I started collecting and trying to use vintage straight razors.  I didn't have too much early success in using these (new ones or vintage) even though I managed to hone a good edge on most of the examples I bought.

I quickly learned that although my honing skills were good, my shaving skills were poor.  It took me around 3 months to get a half decent shave, but from then on, it's got better and better, to the point where I can get a shave that's closer than a multi-blade or Safety Razor.

I now hone around five razors a week (my own extensive collection and those sent in by shavers and collectors of straight razors)

Please Contact Me if you’d like to have your razor replated or restored.

Best wishes

Dave (onotoman)