Hi Dave,

Thanks for the magnificent work on my doors/centre bar. Fantastic job, as always. Just got to put it back together (carefully) now.

All the best Jamie


I just received the razor. What a fantastic job – thank you very much indeed!

I noticed that the screw mechanism feels a bit dry. Is it worth me putting a bit of mineral oil inside the razor, or will that just attract dirt?


Hi Dave,

the Red Tip arrived today!
Oh my God… You have done a really good job! It looks like a new one!

Thank you very much!

Antonino Chiarenza (Italy)

Fantastic job on the fatboy & handle-necks, collars,mounts/spindles/thingies/etc., as usual, Dave. They look shiny enough to be taken by magpies. Thanks ever so muchly

ta. John

Hello Dave,
Just wanted to let you know that the razors arrived today in my mailbox.  They look beautiful excellent job you are a master of your craft.  Is it safe to soak the Slim in a water and scrubbing bubbles solution?  Are water is hard so my uncle uses bottled water in a tub to soak razors, this won’t affect the numbers that were painted?  Also were the adjuster and all it’s mechanisms in decent order? 
Once again thanks,
Alexander (USA)


I got the restored razor from you yesterday (my friend paid for it, but you have my shipping address) and I could not help myself and had to write you to say IT IS UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL! It looks like a precious treasure (hopefully it works as great as it looks) It is for a gift for my dad’s birthday, I am sure he will love it.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Hi Dave,

SUPERB No other words could described what you’ve done with this (Aristocrat). Thanks so much.

All the very best Jamie